Bridesbabe is the product of Affairs by Brittany. Affairs by Brittany is our brick and mortar bridal boutique located in the heart of “Downtown Fargo”. We are ND nice and wanted to provide our brides with a shopping experience relevant to today.

Affairs by Brittany has been helping brides locally for over 10 years. Making the wedding visions of couples come true is at the heart of why we do what we do.

Bridesbabe is our way of helping our brides and their babes shop, purchase and receive designer bridesmaids dresses and accessories for a fraction of retail -  delivered right to their home.

We take the price shopping and traditional hassles aways. Weddings should be affordable and enjoyable. Even though you only wear it once, you want it to be amazing.

Locally, we offer bridesmaid “parties” where the bride and her entourage can shop, play and purchase right from our site in-store. Only one appointment is taken at a time to ensure an amazing and unique experience.

Bridesbabe is the way designer bridesmaid dress and wedding accessory shopping should be. The best prices, easy to navigate and fast.


If you have any questions, you may contact us at: